Build Competition

Emperatorius Owner posted Sat at 5:36

Hello everybody,

As some of you may already know, we now have a build comp up and running! This months theme is Birthdays. To enter the competition, simply go onto the tekkit server and type /warp buildcomp. Go ahead and find a plot, buy it, then start building your birthday masterpiece! We will be judging the competition towards the end of March, so we will hope to see some awesome structures by then! You can find the rules at the warp, along with the prizes which include the first price being Master! I have already visited the site not too long ago, and I have already seen some worthy contenders of being one of the winners, so you better start soon. :P We will be looking for unique builds, with also clever designs and ideas for the winning prize. 

Anyway, for the mean time have fun! :D