Build Comp

Emperatorius Owner posted Sun at 12:07
In the last competition we only had about 5-10 people who decided participate, which takes away the point of a competition. However, we are willing to host another build competition for you guys if there are enough numbers, although before a final decision is made, we need a list of people willing to participate. If the decision goes through, we will be hosting the build comp along with our sister server, ftb-ultimate. Both servers will have entries, and we will pick the top 3 across both servers, who will then be awarded their prize. Make sure you beat the other server! :P 

To make this as possible for us both, we would like to see who wishes to participate. If you would like to "signup", there is a Google Form for you guys to use. Now with this, it is set up so you do not need a Google account. We must ask that you only sign up if you honestly wish to participate, and for yourself only! We need to be able to see clear numbers on people that wish to participate, and if competition time does happen to come, and there are suddenly not as many people wishing to participate as we initially though, we may have to cancel it, and that's not what we, or you guys want. 

You guys will also notice there is a spot for you guys to suggest a topic, while the staff do have ideas for possible topics, your guys ideas are always helpful, and that's what that spot is for. Please do remember though, that just because you make a suggestion, does not mean that is going to be the theme. Please make sure that you choose the correct server where you come from, so we can have accurate numbers.

Please click here to sign up: