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Flames · 19 hours ago
Warrior · Sun at 1:23
Cadetz DawnBreak
Cadetz @ Tekkit Classic
Dawn-Breaker · Sat at 17:30
Dark-Warrior · Sat at 15:28
Doylee AdminSupreme
doylee @ Tekkit Classic
Smoke · Sat at 11:51
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Latest updates

Buildcomps are back!

OPPwny OwnerLegendSupreme posted Tue at 20:05

May / June Buildcomp

After Long last minecolt is having another buildcomp themed as medieval

To Join Simply type

/warp Buildcomp

Entrance fee is 1k Winners will be chosen June 30th 2015!

Good luck and have fun

First Place rewards

MK3 or dawn-breaker Package

50,000$ Ingame Money

Second Place rewards

MK2 or dark-warrior Package

30,000$ Ingame Money

Third Place rewards

MK2 or Warrior Package

10,000$ Ingame Money

Website WIP

_Blitza_ Owner posted Mar 28, 15

Hi guys,

Website is currently undergoing some major changes. I expect to have this comunity back to its glory days over the next couple of months. If you were once a player on this network, why not come back and try something new? :)



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Tekkit maintenance is now completed! Thanks for the patience
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When will the next BuildComp be?
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